Samurai Joe Okada

Cool Kyoto Walking Tour with the last Samurai

Every Saturday, 10am to 4pm, 3000yen (Under 12 is free) Book now!

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Review (Japanese)


Samurai Show

Amazing and fun performance and briefing on Bushi-do, the way with samurai spirits.
60,000 yen (1-30 people), 25 minutes


Maiko & Samurai Banquet Show

150,000 yen. 2 hours.
Extra cost for meals drinks at Junsei Garden Restaurant


Samurai Experience

Samurai Joe will teach you the way of samurai sword skills in 5 hours based on Guinness rules you can cut apples in the air. Joe's student, Lee, is on Guiness book 2009 by cutting 23 apples while Samurai Joe cuts so far 20 in 60 seconds.
70,000 yen for 1 to 3 participants including all accessories.

Private tour guide

Recommended on: Fordor’s Japan ,
Japan Inside-out and many Japan Publications.
50,000 yen for the day. During the tour he will perform a short Samurai Show.


E-mail:  Mobile phone: 090-3867-3538

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